Rhodes Daily Trip 

Rhodes (Rhodes or Rodos in Greek), the beautiful island of roses, has a unique physical scenery that does not cease to impress its visitors. Also unique is its climate with more sunny days than any other place in Europe. Since one day trip is not enough to visit all of the island, we suggest you visit the old part of the town, which is next to the harbour. Perhaps the best starting-point for a journey through medieval Rhodes is the wall (14th century; 5 km long).

As you cross one of the most famous gates, Pili Eleftherias (Freedom Gate) you encounter traces of the Temple of Venus (3rd century BC), also the Inn of the Auvergne Knights, the Arsenal, the Museum of Decorative Arts (folklore exhibits from the Dodecanese islands), the Byzantine Museum (in a 13th-century church), the majestic Harbour Gate.

The Archaeological Museum (tel. 0241/27.674), housed in the 15th-century building of the Knights' Hospital, includes collections of coins, pots and sculptures from the Mycenaean up to the Roman era. We note the kneeling Venus of Rhodes (1st century AD) and the sepulchral column of Tymarista and Crito.

Other remarkable sights of the old town ale the Mosque of Suleyman, an old church with a beautiful Italian door, the Castellania (16th- century building now housing the Library) with its beautiful fountain, St Catherine's Hospital, the Admiralty Palace to its right, finally the Folk Dance Theatre working to preserve traditional music, dances and costumes in their purest form.

On entering Mandraki (yacht harbour), the most picturesque of the three ports of the city, you are welcomed by two bronze deer. Erected where probably the famous Colossus of Rhodes used to stand, they have become the Since we recommend dinner in Greece try Mousaka - the classic Greek dish that everyone knows and loves modern emblem of the town.

General information
Passengers traveling on morning trips must book one-day in advance and passport details are required for the booking. Reservations are preferable to ensure there is a place for you - especially during high season.

DEPARTURE    : May – October (6 days in a week – except Sunday)

PICK UP TIME : Ölüdeniz 07:25 , Hisarönü - Ovacik 07:45 , Fethiye 08:00 , Calis 07:45
INCLUDED        : Transfer , Insurance
PRICE           : 50 GBP (0-6 ages Free ,7-12 ages 30 GBP)



CHILDREN : ( 0-6 ages free - 7-12 ages half price)

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